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15 février 2009 7 15 /02 /février /2009 12:32
Hello everybody !!

We hopes all is ok for you and your familie.
The travel to come back in france was a little difficult  (some long hour on the road) but good.

Since we are at home, we 've meet all our familie who was very happy to see us, and we start again our life in France and in our farm.
All our animal are OK, the mules are in liberty in the mountain and Xzéna the dog is in good health ...

I hopes you've receive my postal card, if no it's because we don't have your adress, please send me it by e-mail: edith.zenou@wanadoo.fr.
you can see an article from us in the site: www.ariegenews.com in the place "reportage"(movie)

big biz to everybody, see you soon, in france we hopes and by e mail....

Edith and Alexandre
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