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8 novembre 2008 6 08 /11 /novembre /2008 13:37

Hello !!

It’ s Edith and Alex.

This message is for all the people we have met during our journey and who canot understand French …

We are in Romanie in a small town, Arieseni, in the Monti Apuseni.

The travel was magnificient, we have met formidable people and saw wonderfull landscapes. Sometimes it was difficult and we were tiried, but we retain only the best…

All the group is healthy. We rented a small farm, we’ve to eat for our mules and place around the house, so they can walk.The weather is beautiful and we hope that the snow will come late.

We stay here one month and we return in France in truck.

Still thank you for your reception and your hospitality.We spent very good moments in your company and contribute to the success to this journey.

We hopes, we will see you again, and if you want, you shall welcome in France in our farm !!!

Thanks again, Dankeshun, kosonom, multumesc

Edith and Alex

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BILLAUD Nicole 21/11/2008 13:01

Je suis une amie de Geneviève rencontrée lors de nos 5 années passées à Agen, depuis quelques contacts téléphoniques, mais l'on se retrouve normalement à Miglos le 23 décembre.
Bonne continuation pour ce que vous faîtes. A bientôt. Nicole et bien sûr son mari Francis.